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Over 25 Years in the Natural Stone Industry!

Why Natural Stone

For most people, the process of selecting natural stone for the home or office begins with an understanding of which stone is best suited for a specific application. The Stone Specialists at Mystic Granite & Marble understand today’s trends and offer their expertise on stone education and application.

Each piece is unique and a key element in home design

No two pieces of stone are identical and it is a material that offers beauty only seen in Mother Nature. With today’s higher activity level in the home and with the emphasis on personal style and self-expression, material choices become more important in performance, functionality and maintenance.

It is durable and timeless.

Natural stone is timeless. Its durability insures that your selection will last a lifetime. Stone is resistant to many of the wearing effects of weather, light, scratching and staining. Granite is the preferred choice for kitchen countertops, floors and other heavily used surfaces. Formed by volcanic activity, granite is one of the hardest and least porous stones you can use for a countertop. Not affected by citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol or wine, granite is nearly impossible to scratch.

It is affordable.

Because of advancements in the process of quarrying and shipping stone, it is now more affordable than ever. Natural stone is available in a multitude of colors and patterns and affordable for most any budget.

It’s hygienic and eco-friendly

Granite resists heat and is one of the most bacteria-resistant surfaces. With proper cleaning and sealing, granite will keep its lasting beauty. Natural stone is considered to be a “green” and environmentally friendly building material.

It adds value

In a study of materials for kitchen countertops by Consumer Reports magazine, granite had the highest number of “excellent” ratings of any surface. As an investment, homeowners recover almost 100% of their remodeling costs at resale when using natural stone as compared to other materials.

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